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Huski Chocolate HOT


The Huski Chocolate Machine delivers you an exceptional cup of hot chocolate in under 8 seconds. A cup of Huski hot chocolate made from a syrup base makes it taste like home made. You will serve more than 300 cups of high quality hot chocolate per hour with a smile on your face.

High Performance and reliability

  • We guarantee the best possible reliability and serving capacity for profitable short and long term sales.

  • Huski Chocolate’s service program has been developed to ensure that the vending machines are always in productive use to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Many years of practical experience in Swedish, Norwegian & American ski resorts and close co-operation with the vending machine manufacturers have resulted into a solid training, maintenance and service program.

Key Features

  • Huski Chocolate’s all natural syrup ensures exceptional in cup quality

  • Separate (hot) water dispensing point

  • Drink settings adjustable to needs

  • Automatic cleaning

  • Dispense counting (total and daily)


  • 300 cups per hour (160ml)

  • Dispense speed approx. 8 seconds (160 ml)

  • Maximum cup height 13 cm

  • Power rating ac, 230 V, 130 Hz, 3000 W (USA 110 V, 1700 W)

  • Weight (empty) 19,2 kg

  • Dimensions H x W X D, 665mm x 250mm x 530 mm.

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info at