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BORN for adventure
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In the winter of 2012, Huski Chocolate was born in the mountains of Sweden. It was here amongst the ice blizzards that Robin and I had the vision for a chocolate drink that would comfort from the cold and fuel the adventures of Arctic explorers. Made with all-natural ingredients and spices from a secret family recipe, Huski Chocolate quickly became the drink of choice amongst elite skiers, mountaineers and rescue teams.

Since those early days we have seen Huski Chocolate grow around the world; from the race trailers of Formula 1, to the training grounds of championship football and even the local café began to serve the perfect Huski Chocolate. As we have grown, we have developed the Huski Chocolate collection to include special iced

Huski Chocolate was born In the mountains of Arctic Sweden in the winter of 2012. The vison of two Nordic adventurers, Linus Wessman and Robin Hallberg, they wanted to create an unrivalled, all- natural hot chocolate that would bring comfort to the cold and strength to the brave in the most challenging of conditions. We’ve grown since those early days in the mountains, but our passion and commitment to creating special, natural chocolate drinks remains the same. We have a careful focus around flavour, quality and sustainability in everything that we do, all enhanced by our philosophy of adventure and expedition.