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We have tailored our range of chocolate to your operation. Whether you are a premium independent coffee shop, a retail group or even an alpine resort, there is a Huski Chocolate for you.

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HOT HUSKI Chocolate

Where it all started many years ago, our specially developed hot chocolate machines have been serving an unmatched hot chocolate experience to customers in the mountains of Arctic Scandinavia since 2012. Our mountain hot chocolate machines produce an indulgent, all- natural hot chocolate within seconds. The Hot Chocolate Vegan Syrup is crafted using all-natural ingredients and organic cocoa. The syrup creates a rich, Nordic-style hot chocolate that instantly emulsifies with any type of pulled milk.

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RTD Original and protein

Huski Chocolate RTD are an all-natural, ready to drink shake for those on the move. Made with UTZ certified cocoa, semi-skimmed milk, sugar, and natural flavourings, Huski Chocolate RTD has one of the cleanest ingredient labels in the retail market. Our 250ml bottle is designed to stand out on the shelf whilst being able to fit into children’s lunch boxes and the pockets of mountaineers of all ages. Huski Chocolate Protein Shake is enriched with 20g of premium milk protein to aid recovery whether you are at the gym, pulling a late night in the office or ascending the North Ridge of K2.

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