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Corporate social responsibility

We strive to be an innovative and future oriented business using healthier ingredients and raw materials from sustainable sources to produce the ultimate chocolate drink for adventure, expedition and a better planet.

Because we can never really do enough to tackle the major issues facing our planet, we continually evaluate our success and make choices in big and small ways about how our actions and words can make a difference.

Our sustainability objectives are guided by commitments to the following principles:

1. Protect the environment by minimising environmental impacts.

2. Ensure our supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices.

Step-by-step we work towards building a better quality of life for our clients, employees and suppliers. Our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes supporting our local communities at grass roots levels and demonstrating leadership on the issues that are important to us. We pledge to hold internal senior reviews and report against our sustainability goals annually.


Kerry Foods

‘Kerry is committed to promoting good agricultural practices and to upholding the rights of workers who help to produce our raw materials.’


ELB Milch

‘We support our raw material suppliers with fair market conditions and training and encourage them to implement efficient production processes with maximum sustainability. Our actions are guided by a balance between economy and ecology, social and animal welfare aspects.’



‘Our long-term objective is to source all of our raw materials in a way that minimizes any negative environmental and/or human rights impact’


‘As an organisation, we are a member of Wecycle. This is an organisation that is committed to collecting as many disused electrical appliances and energy-efficient lighting (e-waste) as possible and guaranteeing optimum recycling. This means that harmful substances do not end up in the environment and less primary raw materials are required from nature.’


Decent Packaging

‘Compostable packaging waste can integrate into the organic waste system producing nutrient rich fertiliser from the composting process.’