Available in SWE and NOR. Rest of World coming soon.

Support hammarby bandy with our signed bandy ball bundle

Hammarby Bandy have had a tough season, but just like Huski Chocolate, they never give up. As of today, there's still a chance for the play-offs, and they need all the support they can for the remaining matches!

They also need all the economic support they can due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, meaning people cannot attend games, resulting in financial worries for Hammarby Bandy. We’ll do all we can, but now also YOU have the chance to help out.

Support the club by buying our Bandy chocolate - Limited edition bundle. The bundle includes a 12pck Regular or Original Huski Chocolate and a bandy ball each signed by one of the bandy stars;

  • Robin Sundin
  • David Pizzoni
  • Daniel Mossberg
  • Felix Nyman
  • Christoffer Fagerström
  • Kasper Milerud

That’s not everything, all the profit goes DIRECTLY back to Hammarby Bandy. Support the club and get a unique signed ball, but remember with a deal this good, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Kom igen Bajen!!!